About the Project


2018 STAR ReportWelcome to the STAR Project’s Annual Progress Report for our Columbia River Fish Accord projects. The project annually summarizes: 1) trends in the status of priority species, 2) species restoration efforts, and 3) habitat improvements. The summaries are used by Tribal leadership, membership, and fisheries management during decision-making processes and outreach.  


This website provides interactive stories and data about efforts to restore fish populations and their habitat throughout our ceded area.


This annual report highlights habitat restoration that has been completed since 2008. In addition, the status and trends of priority fish are reported to allow for you to track our efforts to restore and recover fish populations. We hope you enjoy the interactive features of the website that let you view high-level information while also taking a closer look at project and fish population data. To see more reports, go to the reports query.


Columbia River Fish Accords: Funding for Restoration Reporting 


Funding for the STAR Project comes from theo Bonneville Power Administration through the Columbia River Fish Accords Agreement.


Since 2008, the Accord Agreement has provided us with stable funding to  implement fish and wildlife restoration projects and long-term planning efforts throughout the Yakama Nation’s ceded lands, as well as other areas used by aquatic treaty-trust species in the Columbia River Basin. 


Continued funding through the Accord Agreement has allowed us to:

Expand our range of influence
Increase focus on habitat restoration for species-level benefits
Enhance fish production and reintroduction  to improve harvest opportunities
Implement long-term plans


By funding the Star Project, results from our fish and habitat restoration projects can be made available through annual reports and this website to ensure the efforts are visible and accountable to the public.