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Restoration Actions Implemented by the Yakama Nation

(2011-2021, BPA funded only)

Stream and riparian  habitat improved, treated, or protected Stream habitat made accessible to fish. Wetland habitat improved, treated, or protected Beavers relocated, released
Dam Passage Counts

Note: Lyle Falls trap counts only represent a subsample of the total run. See annual reports for population estimates.



Our Restoration Stories

Toppenish RM37

Yakama Reservation Watershed Project - Toppenish Creek Restoration River 37: Degraded fish habitat in Toppenish Creek, resulting from past land use practices, has been improved by the Yakama Nation. Learn more . . .

Fall Chinook

Prosser Tribal Hatchery – Fall Chinook Reintroduction: To increase harvest levels, natural spawning abundance, and distribution of fall Chinook, the Tribe employs hatchery releases. Learn more . . .


Pacific Lamprey Restoration: Restoration of Pacific lamprey populations is important to us as they are of significant cultural and ecological value. Learn more . . .

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