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Restoration Actions Implemented by the Yakama Nation


Stream and riparian  habitat improved, treated, or protected


Habitat made accessible to fish


Habitat improved or protected


Educated and informed


Dam Passage Counts

Note: Lyle Falls trap counts only represent a subsample of the total run. See annual reports for population estimates.



Our Restoration Stories

Toppenish RM37

Yakama Reservation Watershed Project - Toppenish Creek Restoration River 37: Degraded fish habitat in Toppenish Creek, resulting from past land use practices, has been improved by the Yakama Nation. Learn more . . .

Fall Chinook

Prosser Tribal Hatchery – Fall Chinook Reintroduction: To increase harvest levels, natural spawning abundance, and distribution of fall Chinook, the Tribe employs hatchery releases. Learn more . . .


Pacific Lamprey Restoration: Restoration of Pacific lamprey populations is important to us as they are of significant cultural and ecological value. Learn more . . .

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