Wenatchee Subbasin
n bar During the pre-treaty era, salmonids were abundant in the Wenatchee Subbasin; however, exploitation and habitat degradation depleted the runs. Spring Chinook redd counts have fluctuated since the 1950s. From 1958 to 2002, the spring Chinook redd count average and escapement estimate were 560 and 1,200, respectively. Decadal counts for summer steelhead have fluctuated since the 1930s, with a significant increase observed in the early-2000s. Decadal averages of summer Chinook returns from the 1930s through 2002 indicate an increasing trend. Although coho were extirpated in the early-1900s, natural reproduction is now occurring due to our restoration efforts.  



Wenatchee Subbasin Infographic



Status and Trends

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