Status and Trends - Hatchery
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Extirpated in the early-1900s, hatchery-reared coho are being reintroduced into the subbasin by the Yakama Nation with a goal of establishing naturally spawning populations. Of the salmonids in the subbasin, steelhead are unique in that they possess the ability to repeat spawn. The artificial reconditioning of post-spawn steelhead (kelts) is important for Upper Columbia River steelhead that experience high mortality rates. We initiated a kelt reconditioning project in 2012 to test whether the abundance of naturally-produced Upper Columbia River steelhead on natural spawning grounds can be increased through the use of long-term kelt reconditioning methods.   


Methow subbasin hatchery infographic


Production Actions Map

Click on any of the icons located on the map to learn more about our production actions that improved and restored fish habitat, at that location, in the subbasin.