Status and Trends - Habitat
dKlickitat Subbasin bar Past actions in the Klickitat and Rock Creek subbasins have resulted in conditions that are limiting salmonid populations. We have been implementing projects to protect high-quality habitat and prevent further deterioration of degraded areas, while restoring/improving degraded riparian, wetland, and stream channel habitat in areas that support steelhead and spring Chinook. Restoration efforts are aimed at restoring stream processes by addressing watershed problems and improving habitat conditions and water quality. Protection activities complement the restoration efforts by securing refugia and preventing degradation.





Klickitat Subbasin habitat infographics



Habitat Accomplishments


Since 2008, we have completed the following work to restore habitat for salmon and steelhead in the Klickitat Subbasin.* 

Fish Passage
  • 8 fish passage barriers removed
  • 134 miles of habitat now accessible
Instream Habitat
  • 119 structures installed as well as 81 individual logs
  • 98 pools created
  • 14.4 miles of stream treated for channel reconfiguration and connectivity
  • 5 exclusion devices installed to protect habitat
Riparian Habitat
  • 6.1 miles protected by fencing
  • 73.4 miles improved by vegetative treatments
Upland Habitat
  • 4.75  miles of road blocked/removed/improved
  • 98.5 acres treated/improved
  • 8,600 people contacted


*Metrics reported to from 1/1/2008-12/31/2018. Numbers include work conducted with SRFB and BPA funding.

Habitat Actions Map

Click on any of the icons located on the map to learn more about our actions that improved and restored fish habitat, at that location, in the subbasin.