Status and Trends - Fish
3Klickitat Subbasin bar In the 1950s, an average of 2,523 spring Chinook (adults and jacks) returned annually to the Klickitat Subbasin; however, from 1977 to 2003 returns decreased to an average of 1,900 fish annually (includes hatchery-origin fish). The subbasin supports native winter and summer steelhead and historically provided a significant steelhead fishery. From 1987 to 2003, the average escapement of steelhead (winter and summer) was fewer than 300 fish (wild and hatchery).

Klickitat Subbasin fish infographic



 Summer/Winter Steelhead


Treaty-era returns are estimated at 3,000-6,000 fish


Spatially diverse population with spawning in the lower and middle Klickitat Subbasin


Average annual abundance estimate 2010-2018 is 1,747 fish

Klickitat Steelhead


Klickitat Fall Chinook


 Fall Chinook


Introduced in 1952 to meet mitigation harvest obligations


Sustained by Yakama Nation hatchery releases


Average annual Tribal harvest 2010-2018 is 12,442 fish


 Spring Chinook


Native to the Klickitat, most spawning is in the upper watershed


Passage improvements at Castile Falls to improve colonization


Average annual escapement 2010-2018 is 1,128 fish

Klickitat Spring Chinook





Released to mitigate for lost harvest opportunities


Sport and tribal harvest have increased since 2008


Goal to transition to locally adapted population, separate from wild fish stocks