Status and Trends - Fish
fEntiat Subbasin bar Salmon and steelhead were abundant in the Entiat Subbasin during the pre-development period; however, resource exploitation depleted runs and in some cases led to their extirpation. Between 1992 and 2002, the long-term averages for redd counts and escapement were 110 and 215, respectively, for spring Chinook in the subbasin. For summer/fall Chinook, an average of 75 redds were observed annually between 1994 and 2002.

Entiat Subbasin fish infographics



 Summer Steelhead 

160 more natural spawners per year on average 2008-2018 versus 1999-2007


Hatchery releases are a DPUD/WDFW/USFWS effort based out of Winthrop National Fish Hatchery

Entiat Steelhead




 Summer Chinook

Not considered native to the Entiat


With no releases since 1976, releases were reinitiated in 2011


Raised at Entiat National Fish Hatchery, the purpose of CPUD/USFWS/WDFW hatchery releases are for increased harvest opportunity


Hatchery returns are segregated from natural tributary spawning populations

 Spring Chinook

Estimated average spawning escapement 2008-2018 was100 more fish annually than for the years between 1997-2007


No juvenile hatchery supplementation since 2008